Twitter round-up January 20, 2017

'Brendon McCullum must bat with an eye patch'

Is Baz the victim of cyber-bullying by fellow cricketers? Find out in our Twitter round-up

Brendon McCullum, perhaps looking for a hiding place © Getty Images

We know you've all spent many years pondering Rob Key's position on snow.

Finally, let the truth be revealed!

And, to put that into context…

So, should you ever happen across Rob at a winter wedding, don't air kiss him and then ask him if he fancies a dance outside.

This column heartily endorses all of his selections, incidentally. Especially number four.

As well as providing insight into cricketers' positions on meteorological phenomena, Twitter can also give us a glimpse of the lifestyle of a professional athlete.

The key to being a top-level cricketer is to train hard.

He doesn't state it explicitly, but Kieron really showed The Big Wedge who was boss during that day's session.

In contrast, the key to being a retired top-level cricketer is to relax hard.

Tough times.

It's also important to find new interests.

Cricketer food?

No, not that. Try again.

Yes, that's cricketer food. Quite subtle as these tweets go, but there's no mistaking that restaurant.

But time away from the game is only fun when it's not enforced by the governing body. No cricketer welcomes a suspension.

However, it seems that one of their main gripes is simply that it's an unimaginative form of punishment.

There isn't enough multi-tasking in those suggestions for our tastes. Perhaps they could have taken inspiration from their coach.

Finally, it's in-flight selfie time - but we'll leave you with a question.

Are they in a helicopter?

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  • vidya65662971 on January 22, 2017, 16:00 GMT

    @CricketChat You need a sense of humor to enjoy this article. If you don't enjoy it, please never read it agai

  • tathag9255350 on January 21, 2017, 17:21 GMT

    round-up.. the rest of the title is click bait.. and the baz part is actually funny..

  • Jonathan on January 20, 2017, 23:54 GMT

    The text "Do not Disembark till rotor stop" indicates it's a helicopter

  • Steve on January 20, 2017, 18:02 GMT

    Indeed, incomprehensible blabber. How come no one at cricinfo vetted this rubbish before it got published? Certainly, not something I expected from them.

  • A on January 20, 2017, 14:58 GMT

    Can someone enlighten me here? Is my browser not showing me something it should? Am I not initiated into some strange new fad or technology? All I can see in this article is a succession of often unconnected and seemingly largely inane comments, none of which seems remotely relevant to the title, and a number of hyphens inserted in between.

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