February 3, 2017

Bumrah's T20I exploits

His outstanding numbers in T20Is, especially in the slog overs, means that a vital component of India's bowling problem has been addressed

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How good is Jasprit Bumrah in T20Is?

With his unorthodox bowling action and his excellent death-bowling skills, Jasprit Bumrah has become a force to be reckoned with in limited-overs cricket, and especially in the 20-over format. In 2016, Bumrah's 28 wickets was the most by any bowler in T20Is, and they came at an excellent economy rate of 6.62. He has continued with that form with an excellent series against England in 2017, taking five wickets in three games at an economy rate of 6.20. The last of those wickets was also Bumrah's 100th in all Twenty20 matches, making him the 14th Indian seamer to reach the mark.

Jasprit Bumrah has superb stats in the last five overs of T20Is, taking 20 wickets at an economy rate of 6.85 © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

What makes Bumrah special, though, is his ability to keep his nerve and consistently win the death-over battles in situations where the odds are stacked against the bowler. In the last five, Bumrah has taken 20 wickets, which is 60% of his total haul, at an average of 12 and an economy rate of less than seven. Among the bowlers who have bowled at least 12 overs at the death (16th to 20th overs) since the start of 2016, only two - Mohammad Naveed of the UAE and Bangladesh's Mustafizur Rahman - have better economy rates.

Best ER for bowlers between 16th and 20th overs in T20Is since Jan 2016 (Min 12 overs )
Bowler Balls Econ rate Wickets Average BpB
 Mohammad Naveed  106  5.71  11  9.18  11.78
 Mustafizur Rahman  95  6.56  9  11.55  11.88
 Jasprit Bumrah  211  6.85  20  12.05  8.79
 Rashid Khan  114  7.26  9  15.33  7.13
 Chris Jordan  126  8.04  12  14.08  6.63
 Bilal Khan  83  8.38  4  29.00  5.19
 Nuwan Kulasekara  78  8.38  7  15.57  6.50
 Dwayne Bravo  96  8.43  8  16.87  6.40

The numbers continue to look good for Bumrah even in tough slog-over situations, in chases when the opposition teams have five or more wickets in hand going into the last five overs. In such situations too, Bumrah's economy rate remains an impressive 7.08, only marginally higher than his overall slog-over economy rate of 6.85.

Best ER, last 5 overs of chase, opposition <=5 wkts down (Min 60 balls)
Bowler Balls Wickets Econ rate Dot % Balls/boundary
 Imran Tahir  60  11  4.40  45.0  30.00
 Sunil Narine  102  8  6.12  44.1  11.33
 Daniel Vettori  66  4  6.45  37.9  11.00
 Stuart Broad  62  4  6.48  37.1  12.40
 Saeed Ajmal  261  28  6.90  41.0  8.42
 Jasprit Bumrah  100  8  7.08  44.0  7.69

Bumrah's low economy rate in the last five overs is a direct consequence of an excellent balls-per-boundary ratio. While most other bowlers concede, on average, a four or a six every over, Bumrah concedes one every nine balls. By giving fewer boundary opportunities, Bumrah forces the batsmen to take greater risks which results in wickets.

For the Indian team, Bumrah's emergence is a huge blessing as the team has often struggled to find bowlers who can effectively control the scoring rate at the death. Bumrah has bowled 211 out of 535 balls in the last five, which means nearly 40% of his total overs have been bowled when batsmen are on overdrive. Among all Indian bowlers who have bowled at least 12 overs at the death in T20Is, his percentage is easily the highest, followed by Ishant Sharma (15 overs out of 46.2, ER 11.20) and Ashish Nehra (27 overs out of 94, ER 9.19). A look at the economy rates of other Indian bowlers who have bowled fairly significantly in the death overs also illustrates just have valuable Bumrah's addition has been to the Indian team.

While most other Indian bowlers have struggled in the slog overs in T20Is, Bumrah has excelled © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

Bumrah's superior death-bowling skills compared to his other Indian colleagues also comes through when comparing his numbers with the combined stats of the Indian bowlers who bowled from the other end during his spells. In those spells when Bumrah bowled his 35.1 overs, the other Indian bowlers sent down 30.4 overs, went at eight an over, and conceded a boundary every six balls. Bumrah's economy rate and his lower rate of conceding boundaries are the numbers that stand out here.

Bumrah v other Indian bowlers in the death overs (during his spells)
Bowler Balls Runs Wickets Boundaries Dot % Balls/boundary
 Jasprit Bumrah  211  241  20  24  40.8  8.79
 Other bowlers  184  246  22  30  40.2  6.13

Bumrah's length map, shown in the table below, indicates just how well he mixes up lengths to keep the batsmen guessing. His control over the yorker is exceptional, and that shows through in the numbers: he has bowled 28 of them, conceded only 13 runs, and taken four wickets. He has also been effective when bowling a good length and full length, though the short balls and full tosses haven't earned him much success. (Along with the changes in lengths, the variations in pace have also been a key component of his bowling, something that isn't visible through the numbers below.)

The lengths Bumrah has bowled in the 16th - 20th overs in T20Is
pitch length Balls Runs Wickets Average Econ rate
 Yorker  28  13  4  3.25  2.79
 Good length  66  67  8  8.38  6.09
 Full length  42  44  6  7.33  6.29
 Full toss  35  51  1  51.00  8.74
 Short  8  12  0  _  9.00
 Short of GL  31  54  1  54.00  10.45

In the Nagpur T20I, Bumrah conceded just one run (plus a leg-bye) in the last over, thus denying England victory when they needed eight. It was the 17th time in a T20I that Bumrah had gone at a run a ball or less in the last four overs (17th to 20th overs). Bumrah has achieved this 17 times out of the 32 instances when he has bowled during this period. (This includes instances when a team is bowled out in the last over, with the bowler conceding less than a run a ball in that over.) The percentage of 53.13 is second only to Kyle Abbott, among bowlers who have bowled 25-plus overs during this phase of a T20I innings.

Highest % of conceding run a ball or lower in last four overs (Min 25 overs)
Bowler <=run-a-ball overs %age
 Kyle Abbott  15  28  53.57
 Jasprit Bumrah  17  32  53.13
 Saeed Ajmal  35  69  50.72
 Wayne Parnell  19  38  50.00
 Umar Gul  34  70  48.57

MS Dhoni had often complained about the need for India to improve their bowling in the death overs. With Bumrah's entry, that call has, to a large extent, been answered.

S Rajesh is stats editor of ESPNcricinfo. @rajeshstats

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  • john on February 7, 2017, 18:19 GMT

    hes got all the attributes to be as good as Mustafizer ,all he has to do is add the fast ball that spins,, which is the one that Fizer gets alot of wickts with,,..its not a slow ball ,,its a fast ball at around 138ks,, If Bumrah can add this hel be unstoppable

  • Manesh on February 7, 2017, 9:38 GMT

    @KiwiRocker-. It is not 1, 4 matches in Australia. That is enough to prove his class. BTW, Australia played with full strength squad in the first T20 and still lost it! And what is the significance of those bowlers mentioned with Bumrah. He is a bowler, mate!

  • jai_sh8621755 on February 5, 2017, 18:39 GMT

    always good to hear pakistanis ridicule indian bowling. our mediocre bowling has us at number 1 in tests, won the last champions trophy in eng, and at last odi world cup down under we took 10 wickets in every game until the semi.

  • Bobby on February 5, 2017, 10:18 GMT

    @TVUMPIRE.COM: We got a communication problem friend. You should read my comment" Mostly played in India". Yes, I do recall he debuted in Australia and I actually saw him first hand. He has an awkward bowling action and sure he did get some wickets but he went for plenty.9 odd runs per over. Now friend, I also would not be reading too much into that series as Australian attach in that series was Kane Richardson, Sue Bolander, Faulkaner and so on...Australia's current attack is Starc, Hazelwood and James Patterson. I do recall India still managed to lose ODI series and did win T20's, but that was really an Australia 3rd XI. I mean Dhawan was even scoring runs....and also did someone mention Mustafiz UR Rehman is best T20 bowler..really? What exactly has he done in International T20's? The guy has got some wickets against clueless Indians but he is one trick pony who was recently taken to cleaners by our batsmen in NZ...B'desh fans are hilarious..Soon They are going to play Afghanistan!

  • Amit on February 4, 2017, 21:35 GMT

    @ Faizan 74 Irfan Pathan was overused as were other after him. VK is much better in managing his bowlers' workload. Bumrah should last much longer under VK.

  • Prasath on February 4, 2017, 15:25 GMT

    MAHI678 : You are circling around the word I used CLUB, it was not slip of my tongue or carried away (by the way how would you know it) you had not read properly what I have mentioned 3, 2017, 13:05 GMT & 3, 2017, 15:51 GMT. People always take a word or something from others and manipulate things accordingly.

  • kalpes6321811 on February 4, 2017, 11:06 GMT

    Tamin Iqbal will win the World Cup for Bangladesh!! Lol. You can't even beat New Zealand.. hahaha

  • faizan6409368 on February 4, 2017, 8:46 GMT

    Still too early to say anything...i remember irfan pathan was too good at initial stage of his career and now hes no where. This story is very common with indian fast bowlers. Look at B.Kumar stats now. Zaheer khan was the only consistent indian fast bowler i can remember after 2000

  • rajeev9986700 on February 4, 2017, 7:21 GMT

    @BANG_LA - Tamim Iqbal is lucky to be playing for Bangladesh team. In India such fringe players grind hard in domestic matches and never get a chance and retire.

  • Cric on February 4, 2017, 4:07 GMT

    Bang_La- You need to get the eff out. You have no knowledge or understanding of the game, just like the oafs that make up your national team.

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