Landmark Test for Bangladesh March 14, 2017

Bangladesh's 99-Test journey in numbers

As Bangladesh get ready to play their 100th Test, here are some key numbers from their Test journey, including a comparison with other teams after they had played 99 matches

Bangladesh's win-loss ratio of 0.11 is the poorest among all teams after 99 Tests, though they have won one more match than New Zealand had at the same point in their Test journey © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

8 Wins for Bangladesh, the second-lowest among the ten teams who have played 99 or more Tests. Only New Zealand, with seven, had fewer wins. India had 10 victories while had Zimbabwe eleven. England had the most wins - 45 - followed by Australia (41) and West Indies (34). All other teams had less than 20 wins.

76 Defeats for Bangladesh, the most for any team after 99 Tests. The next highest is Zimbabwe with 62. South Africa are the only other team with 50-plus defeats. Bangladesh's 15 draws are the lowest as well after 99 Tests, while their win-loss ratio of 0.11 is also the poorest among all teams - New Zealand had a ratio of 0.15 (seven wins, 46 defeats), while Zimbabwe's ratio was 0.17.

16 Years, 4 months and 6 days is the time taken for Bangladesh to play their 100th Test. (The time is calculated from the start of their first Test to the start of their 100th.) This is the least time taken by any team to play 100 Tests; the previous lowest was Sri Lanka's 18 years, three months and 29 days. Bangladesh made their Test debut on November 10, 2000, against India.

Team win-loss stats after 99 Tests
Team W/L Draw W/L ratio Time period
 Australia  41/40  18  1.02  35y 2m 13d
 England  45/37  17  1.21  32y 3m 17d
 South Africa  15/51  33  0.29  59y 11m 22d
 West Indies  34/33  31  1.03  36y 08m 09d
 New Zealand  7/46  46  0.15  42y 2m 14d
 India  10/39  50  0.25  35y 0m 19d
 Pakistan  18/26  55  0.69  26y 04m 23d
 Sri Lanka  18/39  42  0.46  18y 03m 29d
 Zimbabwe  11/62  26  0.17  24y 0m 12d
 Bangladesh  8/76  15  0.11  16y 04m 06d

85 Players who have played Test cricket for Bangladesh. Only two teams - Pakistan (80) and Sri Lanka (81) - have had fewer players in their first 99 Tests. The highest is 170, for South Africa, who also had to wait the longest to play 100 Tests: the time period between their first and 100th Test was more than 59 years, and it spanned both the World Wars. For Bangladesh, Mohammad Ashraful has played the most Tests (63), followed by Mushfiqur Rahim (53) and Habibul Bashar (50).

0.50 The ratio of Bangladesh's batting average (24.53) to their bowling average (48.64). The ratio is the poorest among all teams after 99 Tests. The next lowest is New Zealand's 0.65, and Zimbabwe's 0.67. Bangladesh's batsmen have scored 46 hundreds, which is ninth out of ten teams, and their bowlers have taken 45 five-fors, which ranks eighth.

Batting and bowling stats for teams after 99 Tests
Team Bat ave Bowl ave Ave ratio 100s 5-fors Players
 England  24.60  22.01  1.12  51  108  160
 West Indies  33.20  31.33  1.06  108  68  121
 Australia  24.60  25.59  0.96  51  97  100
 Pakistan  30.74  34.31  0.90  80  52  80
 Sri Lanka  29.12  36.17  0.81  70  54  81
 India  28.70  37.44  0.77  74  56  115
 South Africa  25.07  33.79  0.74  55  64  170
 Zimbabwe  26.22  38.99  0.67  53  35  99
 New Zealand  23.64  36.12  0.65  39  27  122
 Bangladesh  24.53  48.64  0.50  46  45  85

7 Test wins for Bangladesh in their last 41 matches, since the start of 2009. In 58 Tests before 2009, Bangladesh had won only one. Bangladesh's win-loss ratio has improved from 0.019 before 2009, to 0.28 since then.

30.63 Bangladesh's batting average in Tests since the start of 2009, up from 20.54 before 2009, an improvement of 49%. Their bowling average has improved from 51.35 to 45.88, while the ratio of their batting to bowling average has gone up from 0.40 to 0.67, an improvement of 67.5%. In their first 58 Tests, Bangladesh had scored only 14 hundreds; in their last 41, they have scored 32.

Bangladesh's Test numbers have improved significantly in their last 41 matches, compared to their first 58 © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

3546 Tamim Iqbal's Test aggregate, the highest for Bangladesh. Aravinda de Silva's 5619 is the highest aggregate by any batsman at the end of 99 Tests for his team; de Silva played 81 of Sri Lanka's first 99 Tests, and averaged 43.89 in those games, with 18 hundreds. Among the top run-getters for each country at that stage, West Indies' Everton Weekes had the best average (58.61), followed by Andy Flower's 51.54.

170 Test wickets for Shakib Al Hasan, the most for Bangladesh. The highest for any team after 99 is Muttiah Muralitharan's 253, which he took from 51 matches, at an average of 26.30. Heath Streak was the only other bowler with 200-plus wickets, taking 216 in 65 Tests.

Most runs and wickets for each team after 99 Tests
  Batting Bowling
Team Batsman Runs Average Bowler Wickets Average
Australia Clem Hill 3412 39.21 Hugh Trumble 141 21.78
England Tom Hayward 1999 34.46 Johnny Briggs 118 17.75
South Africa Bruce Mitchell 3316 48.05 Cyril Vincent 84 31.32
West Indies Everton Weekes 4455 58.61 Sonny Ramadhin 158 28.98
New Zealand John Reid 3428 33.28 Dick Motz 100 31.48
India Polly Umrigar 3631 42.22 Vinoo Mankad 162 32.32
Pakistan Hanif Mohammad 3915 43.98 Fazal Mahmood 139 24.70
Sri Lanka Aravinda de Silva 5619 43.89 Muttiah Muralitharan 253 26.30
Zimbabwe Andy Flower 4794 51.54 Heath Streak 216 28.14
Bangladesh Tamim Iqbal 3546 38.96 Shakib Al Hasan 170 33.30

621 Wickets for Bangladesh's spinners in these 99 Tests compared to 422 by their seamers, which means spinners have accounted for nearly 60% of Bangladesh's wickets (excluding run-outs). Spinners also have a better average, and have taken 82% of the five-fors.

Spinners and seamers for Bangladesh in Tests
Bowler type Wickets Average Strike rate 5WI 10WM
 Spinners  621  44.05  82.4  37  3
 Seamers  422  57.38  93.4  8  0

25 Man-of-the-Match awards for Bangladesh players in Tests. Shakib leads the list with five awards, followed by Mushfiqur and Ashraful with three each, while Tamim and Mominul Haque are the only others to win more than one such award. In all, 15 Bangladesh players have won Man-of-the-Match awards in Tests.

S Rajesh is stats editor of ESPNcricinfo. @rajeshstats

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  • Ibrahim on March 15, 2017, 18:47 GMT

    Bangladesh needs to play 8-10 match against top teams each year. Because the other teams are playing 10+ matches against each other every year. So, they are gathering more experience - and when they are meeting Bangladesh again, they (big teams) are playing against relatively less experienced side every year. There's been an accumulation of experience which the Bangladeshi players are denied constantly. Look what happened to Mominul - he continuously scored till Bangladesh stopped playing test cricket for one and half year.

    By the way, the other teams took a long time to play 100 test, but there was not a lot of cricket going on back then, so it was not the same as now. The gap between teams remained the same when they met again - which is no longer true for Bangladesh.

  • Mradul on March 15, 2017, 4:59 GMT

    Its rather funny people commenting that because BD didnt play against top teams they are unable to improve. The fact is 73 of their 99 tests have been against top teams even if they don't count matches against WI. They have only played 14 tests against Zim and they took 16 years to play all those 99 matches. Many people comparing this with India should know that India too played only about 75 tests against top nations out of their first 100, in 35 years, as NZ were very weak that time and Pak, though was good, had only started playing. Still India had defeated Eng 3 times and Aus 2 times. Add the ODIs played by BD, the international exposure their player have got is much more than any team which started playing in 1930s and 40s and still they are unhappy with their international exposure.

  • Mradul on March 15, 2017, 3:31 GMT

    @6SIR: Not sure which stats you were consulting but according to the table India had better Win loss than BD, Zim and NZ and also very close to that of South Africa.

  • Shah on March 15, 2017, 3:21 GMT

    Doesn't matter BD played 100 tests in 16 years or 100 years as it wasn't enough against top 6 test teams & also very mostly were at home & just few overseas, well a team gains that much of experience & confidence only by playing against teams who are much superior but not playing against who are either same or slight better by skill, that won't make BD or any that good like it should have been, playing tests with top 5 teams on a regular basis is the key which hardly happened & also hardly got invited by them..& after 16 years finally the so called NO.1 IND played BD in IND for the very first time...the most overrated IND were extremely lucky, back that time there was only 6 test teams existed not even SL, only IND & PAK were below & played with all top teams only. Only technology & highly paid coaches not gonna make world champion & truly No.1. BD still are not worse than what IND were.

  • Abid on March 15, 2017, 2:29 GMT

    Among asian teams Pakistan had the best win loss ratio at this stage (99 tests). India was just better than Bangladesh

  • Harshan on March 15, 2017, 2:28 GMT

    This is exactly what I was looking for, I just suggested that Andre write a piece comparing the first 100 tests of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, I see its already been done!

  •   Ex Shopnochari on March 15, 2017, 1:14 GMT

    Yes BD was given their Test Status earlier than any other nations, there was different ideas was there behind the it which was popularity in their country , which has showed the world and now they stated to give their dividend to believe on them . On this Article it also tried to show how Bangladesh are improving recent past, bangladesh has gone past their initial build up , now they will perform rapidly after 200 test you will see teams performance , definately I believe 50 percent cricinfo follower will be alive to see this stat.Being a 10th test nations they are now in 9th position soon they will go past west indies and remain above of them all time , mark this word. They are already 7 th in ODI ranking past Pakistan, West Indies An Zim. So Idealy it was not wrong decision to given them early but what ICC could do is to give them enough time to rebuild them and give them enough test. I think You all agree regardless Nationality Bangladesh Improving lot now and are to stay

  • Abu on March 14, 2017, 22:37 GMT

    CRICFAN45097681 ON MARCH 14, 2017, 9:25 GMT

    And how much you know about the quality of the opponents when they played their first 99 test matches?

  • Abu on March 14, 2017, 22:35 GMT

    SIDDHARTHXOOM ON MARCH 14, 2017, 16:00 GMT

    As you said, zim had more wins than bd after 99 tests and they didn't have quality of bd to play against that time (which means zim>>>>>>bd), means bd have played against teams who are infinitely worse than bd team, still manage to win only 8. So conclusion is BD is the worst ever test playing country.

  • Abu on March 14, 2017, 22:26 GMT

    CRICFAN7779678493 ON MARCH 14, 2017, 17:28 GMT You cant compare bangladesh with likes of India and NZ. They got their test caps decades ago. Bangladesh has had the luxury of modern technology, reviewing players techniques, benefits of having superstar coach and staff, proper gears, well funded budget and easy picking for players (given how popular cricket was in year 2000). If you get this much help, your result should be twice as good..if not more. Kind of.speaks for itself here. Numbers don't mean the same if the timeline had changed!

    Wonderful logic. So when bd had test status, they only had all the modern technology and coaching stuff, all other 8 teams were functioning at 1876 level, so bd should have win all 99 test matches (if not more l, I don't know how). Since they win only 8, they are the worst team to play test match and never should have been awarded test status. Thanks

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