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Get out: Weekend trips from Bengaluru

When you tire of the city, step outside and climb some rocks, catch some waves or just get a coffee

The Bengaluru brand

Bengaluru seems to produce cricketers who are skilful, self-effacing, gentlemanly and confident

Grin and beer it

Win or lose, there's only one way to celebrate a match in Bengaluru

Drink and be merry

And in between, enjoy walking around the city with the best weather in the country

Where gentleman cricketers are made

Look no further than Bengaluru and Chinnaswamy, home to Dravid, Kumble, Viswanath and Chandrasekhar

Morning glory

The best Bengaluru breakfasts to see you through a long day of cricket

Bengaluru's best meal

Might just be at Chinnaswamy Stadium, if you're lucky enough to be a member of the Karnataka State Cricket Association

Book, line and sinker

With some coaxing, some serendipity and a good bit of foraging, Bengaluru's used-book stores reveal a treasure trove of cricket literature

Food for thought

Robin Uthappa's Bengaluru must-dos


Dosa dare

Melinda Farrell takes on a challenge to turn out a perfect dosa in Bengaluru