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Maelstrom on the coast

Mumbai's predominant colour may be grey, but dull is the last thing it is


Seaside sorties

There are nice walks to be taken, food to be eaten, and trains to be caught (if you dare), says Ajit Agarkar

Where Indian cricket was born

The maidans of the commercial capital have been the cradle of the game in the country

Eating around the Wankhede

A guide to navigating the food hotspots around the South Mumbai stadium

No second chances in Mumbai

Cricketers in the city have to negotiate insanely crowded trains and epic traffic on their way to practice or games. No wonder they're not the sort who give up easily

On the Tendulkar trail

Retrace the footsteps of a legend in the city with India's richest cricketing history

Bombay as she was

From the airy lounges of Brabourne's pavilion to the charmless, modern edifice that is the Wankhede Stadium

Once upon a maidan

An English photojournalist returns to Mumbai after a decade to see if the city's cricket grounds and its players have changed at all

Meet Wankhede's North Stand Gang

The spectator experience in Indian stadiums can often be unpleasant. One group of fans from Mumbai wants to change that one chant at a time

Going native

From kachcha limbu to scooter, street cricket in India has evolved its own hyperlocal lexicon