West Indies v Pakistan, 1st T20, Barbados March 27, 2017

West Indies must get familiar with Pakistan's new faces, says Holder

ESPNcricinfo staff

Allrounder Jason Holder has put West Indies' loss in the first T20 against Pakistan largely down to the unfamiliarity factor.

Shadab Khan, the 18-year-old debutant legspinner, did a lot of the damage as West Indies were kept to 111 for 8 in Barbados, a total Pakistan chased down with 17 balls and six wickets to spare. Going into the rest of the series, Holder said West Indies would need to come up with plans to counter the new faces they are up against, especially the spinners.

"We need to just sit down and work out our plans against all their bowlers," Holder said. "Obviously we are coming up against some guys who we have never played. In this situation, we need to find how best to play them given the conditions that we have.

"We struggled with their slow bowlers, and it's a situation where we need to counteract their slow bowlers in the middle. Those were the guys who really put the strangle on us up front."

Holder said while the pitch was slow, it was not to blame for West Indies' score; that was down to the early run-out of Evin Lewis and the repeated loss of wickets at "crucial stages".

"I felt that the wicket we had today was slow, it was a little bit more difficult to hit on. It broke up a little earlier than I thought it would, but bearing that in mind, we just needed to find ways to knock some balls back down the pitch. It was a good enough pitch for us to get 150 at least. Definitely think if we had 150 on the board it would've been a much better game.

"It's clear we didn't bat well. We started off with a run-out, which gave them momentum. It was a very good piece of fielding, but we never really recovered from there. It was a situation in the middle where we had to consolidate, build a partnership.

"We tried to do that with Sunil [Narine] and [Kieron] Pollard, probably our last recognised partnership, and Carlos [Brathwaite] came in and joined Pollard and played a good knock, but we were always struggling with wickets. We lost wickets at crucial stages and we could never lay a platform from where we could blast."

The second of four T20s will be played in Port of Spain on March 30.

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  • Navendra on April 3, 2017, 17:14 GMT

    This is what Sir Curtley have to say: "This is getting worst and worst and I've started believing that these guys don't know or have the know how to win games," "Too many times they find themselves in a winning position and then for some strange or unknown reason it's just like they lose their focus, they lose their train of thought and end up losing and it's like they don't have the know-how to win anymore.""So what are you going to do, wait for another two or three series to get accustomed to some players? It doesn't work like that," "I can understand you meet a guy for the first time and he caused some problems in that first game because you had never seen him before but by the time the second game comes around, you should have an idea of what he is capable of or what he can do.

    "You can't be telling me you are going to wait until the end of the series or two series later to say you are going to work him out. It doesn't work like that, you have to work him out right now."

  • Kendel3456385 on March 30, 2017, 11:13 GMT

    @mekkayel... that is correct the last test wi played they won. but if we look at that test team there were a mix of players throughout the Caribbean. some from trini some from jamaica some from bim and some from Guyana. so it was an even team, far from he odi squad which was selected. and yes a captain cannot take all the blame because the players has a part to play as well however captaincy is a key role which not everyone can fill. also I remember when ramdin was made captain and you all lambasted him for his captaincy as well. so is it that only certain captains should be held accountable for the team loosing ????

  • Michael on March 30, 2017, 10:54 GMT

    @mngc1.....my replies concerning your FABRICATIONS are not being shown so don't think you have me in a corner as far as your 90 % or 93 % .As for Pollard he DID NOT start his WI career at age 18 as you telling yourself and even up to now with ALL his experience he should be way ahead of someone who started at age 27.

  •   Wasim Farooq on March 30, 2017, 4:39 GMT

    Dear Jason Holder, You must take the responsibility as captain and should change your batting plans accordingly.

  • Josiah on March 29, 2017, 20:48 GMT

    @johnny865 on the contrary, if we remember correctly the last test west indies played they won, and also the last world t20 was also won by the batting heroics of the current captain and Marlon samuels. You could say he's an inexperienced or conservative leader, but a machine is only as good as the sum of its parts. the captain isn't responsible for the players he's given to play with, only what is given to him, and the players are not performing.

  • Kendel3456385 on March 29, 2017, 13:08 GMT

    @wnhs... change ?? metman?? he only has one perspective when it come to cricket in the west indies, and that is bim players are the best weather they fail or not. once 3/4 or more of the team comprises of bim players he would be happy, even if it means having captains like holder and carlos who are absolutely clueless when it comes to leading a team to victory...

  • jaswant on March 29, 2017, 12:27 GMT

    Holder needs to be quiet,he makes no sense. Metman, you also need to cope with reality, you focus on your side of the coin. This helps no one.

  • jarrel0723030 on March 29, 2017, 12:01 GMT

    Johnny Why do we even bother having a cricket conversation with this man when we know it will only descend into petty jabs and a barbados vs Trini thing. I don't know why I thought things changed.

  • Kendel3456385 on March 29, 2017, 11:06 GMT

    @metman... and what does that have to do with anything ??? it's just like you to always go off topic. and btw your so called great bim players ( 6 of whom were in the wi odi squad) also were humiliated by England...

  • mapersaud on March 29, 2017, 1:57 GMT

    This young man has made more excuses about inept playing that my four grown children combined! Please stop it!

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